One stop shop for all your pet's needs

Grooming:  All grooming includes 2 baths, thorough drying, cleaning of Ears/plucking if necessary. Sanitary shave, paw pad shave, nail trim with file, and Style of choice  

Large Dogs              $70-120.

Medium Dogs           $60-75

Small Dogs               $55-60

Labs,Boxer,PittBull Etc…  $45-50

Cats Grooming          $60-70

Standard poodle/doodle    $80-$120

De mating fee may apply   $25/hr.

De– Fleaing                        $10 added

De-Skunking                       $20  added


Overnight Boarding             $50.00 per day

Double same home             $80.00 per day

Cat In home Care 20min Visit        $15.00

(nothing extra for medication administration or multiple cats)

Cat Boarding at shop            $25.00 per day
Holidays Double Rate***            


Day Care  9hrs                      $25.00

Daycare  4.5 hrs                    $15.00


Dog Walking:

20min                        $15.00

30min                         $17.00

2 dogs same home  20min        $17.00

2 dogs same home -30min         $19.00

Walk in Nail Trim            $10.00

Nail Trim in Home          $15.00

Taxi Services

With in Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest           $5.00/per ride